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Do you want to control your light bulb with your phone or tablet? Of course you do. This simple app lets you do all types of magical things with the mystical power of Wifi

Who We Are

The Super Legends are a group of like minded individuals from Europe and Asia who are working on innovative new ways to control all those objects around you that are too far to reach when you are on the Sofa.

We are not driven by the desire to create something new but by the need to enjoy our downtime on the couch and not have to keep getting up and down during a box set of Game of thrones.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I don't have a wifi router, can I still control the bulb?

    Yes, you can control the bulb without wifi router, each bulb will send out its own wifi signal e.g "lednet******"

  • If I want a house full of wifi controlled bulbs, do I still need connect them to a wifi router?

    Yes, if you want the full Technicolor experience then your going to need a wifi router.

  • How does this work? I am having trouble connecting the wifi bulb to the router and to my handset?

    • 1. Please download the "superhome" app from your App store.
    • 2. Place the bulb in the fitting and turn the power on.
    • 3. Search for the bulb in your handsets wifi settings.
    • 4. Connect to the bulb's WLAN "LEDnet********"
    • 5. Click on the app .
    • 6. Scan for the bulb it will then prompt you to choose your home wifi. Click on your local wifi and input the SSID
    • 7. On your handset please now connect your wifi settings to your local wifi.
    • 8. Open the App and now you are in control
    • 9. Let the disco begin………….

  • It has all gone wrong! How do I reset the bulb?

    Easy, switch the bulb on and off three times.

  • Can I control multiple bulbs individually?

    You can leave them as individual, or group them. Even in a group you can control individual bulbs.

  • Can this be used as a wake up alarm? As in programmed to slowly fade on over 30min at a set time?


  • Will the timer still work to turn the lights on and off if I'm not home/the phone is out of wifi range?

    Again, yep!

  • Does the switch need's to be always on in order for auto on/off to work?

    It's amazing but not magic, we are always going to need power to get this bulb work.

  • Is this dimmable via a dimmer switch, or only via the app?

    Sorry, the bulb is only dimmable via the app, but you can also install it with a normal light switch.

  • There's a few seconds delay when turning on the switch before the light would come on. Is that normal?

    Yes, it's normal, like all of us it needs time and energy to get going. Give it three whole seconds and then its ready.

  • Can more than one person/app control the bulb? So if I set it to blue and leave, could my roommate then change it on his phone to red?

    Yes, more than one phone can control it. Only one phone can be tethered to it at a time though. If for example you left home your roommate will be able to control it with his phone once you're out of range and vice versa. Both of you will not how ever be able to connect and control the bulb simultaneously.

  • What kinds of smart device it can work with?

    Android 2.3.3 or later and iOS 6.0 or later. We have the APK files available if you need just ping us an email and you can design the app for your handset OS.

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